TBA’s digital learning takes next the next virtual step

The Tropical Biology Association is advertising an interactive online course on project design and measuring impact.  The course is based on a recently completed pilot course and benefits from a new suite of digital educational tools.  The course is aimed at early career conservation scientists and practitioners who need to communicate their project design and impacts to funders and other stakeholders.   The demand for this type of training is out there – we received over 200 applicants for the inaugural online training courses TBA ran earlier this year.

Now, more than ever, people are realising the value of biodiversity and our natural environment. This course will help conservationists identify the impacts their projects will have and present their ideas.  TBA’s courses encompass an interactivity that is often not found in off-the-shelf independent eLearning courses.  Our sessions include expert feedback from the course tutors, and lively interactive sessions where participants get to know each other, share knowledge and ask questions.

This training was what I have looked for since starting my conservation career.

Romaric Tegang Pagning, Cameroon

This is a revolutionary digital educational era, and being physically present in a classroom is not the only learning option any more.  Studying online offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing people to learn at their own pace and find a good work-study balance. TBA is renowned throughout Africa as a specialist provider of training courses that launched careers, and establishes a strong and active alumni community.  Our online courses are reaching out to a wider cohort of learners and magnifying this impact.

“The online environment offers us endless options to engage with students from all over the world,” says Dr Faith Muniale, TBA’s Programmes Manager.

TBA begins rolling out their new courses from next month onwards. Initially these will be focussed on Africa, but afterwards we will widen the scope worldwide.

If you are interested in the first of these online courses – Designing Conservation Projects and Measuring Impact CLICK HERE to find out more details.