TBA launches new online courses in Africa and SE Asia

The Tropical Biology Association has just completed its first online courses that used a combination of live teaching and our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  Launching our Virtual Learning Environment has meant that students can engage with our interactive learning materials, videos, and tasks as preparation for the live teaching sessions where they put their new ideas into practice, share ideas and get feedback on their own work.  This approach also allows participants to get to know each other and keep in touch throughout the course.

“I have attempted online conservation planning courses twice, unable to complete either, because they were not implemented as well as this one.  In the TBA training, I felt like we were moving together as a single unit, regardless of whether we’re fast or slow, and this ensures we’re all on the same page, every time. We were all able to contribute during the discussion sessions – this is so important. I love how the sessions are designed.”

Akchousanh Rasphone, Laos

We ran two new courses in Africa and SE Asia on project design and measuring impact, aimed at young aspiring conservation professionals.   The Africa course received 176 applicants from across the continent for the 24 places available.

“This is a great online course, all early career researchers and conservationists
should take it.”

Brendah Nyagah, Field Manager, Kenya


Our course in South East Asia aimed to empower female conservation leaders who are conserving endangered species. This first course will be followed up with courses on fundraising, leadership and communication skills.

“A unique combination of independent learning and live online teaching. I now have the confidence to write a well-structured, impact-driven proposal.”

Sheherazade, Conservation science specialist, WCS, Indonesia


The launch of TBA’s online learning strategy was funded by MAVA.
The SE Asia course for women conservation leaders was funded by the IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership.