Project Management for conservation: training from the first course in Tanzania in May.

Integrated training for NGOs

Integrated training delivers a package of related training opportunities that allows participants to build their skills sequentially and to forge close links with other organisations that share common goals. In addition to tailored courses, our integrated programme includes site exchange visits to allow participants to learn first hand from successful…

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Designing projects and measuring impact

Effective conservation programmes depend on well-designed projects that can measure their impacts on the ground. Managers need to be clear about the problem they are addressing and to think at the outset what the project will look like at the end the right methods and clear frameworks to monitor and evaluate…

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Scientific Communication

Publishing academic papers gives credibility to scientific research because papers must be peer reviewed before they are accepted. However, publication rates of scientists from tropical countries are disproportionately low compared to the amount of research they do. This is a problem because local authors provide novel and relevant insights into…

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Measuring ecosystem services

There is growing interest in the concept of ecosystem services and how it can be used in conservation practice.  Our ecosystem services training course gives people the knowledge and tools to understand how the natural environment benefits people at the local and global scale, and how to ensure this has…

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Successful fundraising

Many organisations fail to achieve their conservation goals because they lack funding.  This is often because key staff don’t have the expertise to identify and apply for available funding. TBA’s expert training in fundraising helps to overcome this obstacle and build self-sufficiency among conservation organisations. We show people how to…

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INTRINSIC Training Infographic - Final

Integrating rights and social issues

Conservation is more successful, and livelihoods are improved, when social issues and people’s rights are understood and addressed in conservation programmes. TBA training in this area leads to better conservation practice, in terms of stakeholder awareness and involvement and positive sustainable outcomes for people as well as nature. Growing interest in…

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Managing invasive alien plants

Invasive alien species (IAS) are species which have been introduced and/or spread beyond their natural distribution. They can lead to substantial environmental and economic damage, and their negative effects are exacerbated by factors such as climate change, pollution, habitat loss and human-induced disturbance. IAS pose a threat to biodiversity because domination by…

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