Who is this course for?

Conservation managers who are working with communities but who have had no formal training in social issues.

What we offer

TBA training transforms project managers’ awareness and understanding of community rights and social issues. Our courses teach how to address these aspects, which can be a significant factor in determining successful outcomes of conservation projects.

Case studies and experience-sharing is a key part of training, which covers

Track record

IMG-20151001-WA0014Demand in this area is high. Our first course on the topic (in 2015) attracted 237 applications for 20 places. This followed a pioneering collaborative project called INTRINSIC (Integrating Rights and Social Issues in Conservation), organised by the TBA, Birdlife International, FFI and the University of Cambridge, and funded by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.

“If only I had had this course five years back. Now that I have the knowledge, my upcoming projects will be based on the concepts obtained from this training.” – Participant

“The (INTRINSIC) course was excellent because it tackled all the challenges I am facing in my work.” – Prudence Ndabasanze, Rwanda