Who is this course for?

Our training is for conservation managers who need to understand ecosystem services in order to manage them for the benefit of people and nature.  There is growing pressure on managers to evaluate the services that the natural environment provides and how these benefit people. Managers also need the skills to communicate this complex issue to stakeholders and decision makers to help guide conservation and management decisions.

What we offer

We tailor each course to cover a range of related issues which surround the successful application of an ecosystem services approach to conservation projects, including


The TBA was one of six partners who developed of a toolkit for non-specialists so they can evaluate ecosystem services and communicate the results for planning decisions and conservation.  The scale is site-level, because that is where local decisions are made.

Known as TESSA (Toolkit for Ecosystem Services for Site-based Assessments) – see below – the tool is now being used globally and is generating positive results.   


TESSA can measure a range of services, such as the value of biomass as a carbon stock, water-related services, recreation, and harvested wild and cultivated goods. The toolkit compares the values of services at the site under different management regimes, e.g. comparing community-managed forest to partial agricultural use, and shows the net consequences of different management decisions. 

Track record

TBA has run a variety of training courses on ecosystem services in S E Asia, Liberia, Kenya and in biodiversity hotspots in Tanzania for conservation scientists and managers from over 15 countries.

Our training workshops in Africa were the first to introduce TESSA and showed how it can be used to influence practice and shape policy.  Organised in partnership with Birdlife International, the workshops formed part of a project funded by Cambridge Conservation Initiative called “Demonstrating ecosystem service values in Africa through shared learning.”

Try an interactive version of TESSA.