Who is this course for?

This course is for scientists and managers working within institutions who need to raise money in order to realise conservation goals. We give these people the skills they need to be able to find funding, write successful applications and present proposals. Our training develops organisational capacity since new skills are applied and passed on to others.

What we offer

We explain the funding process from start to finish.  No two funders are the same, so it is important to understand what a funder is asking for and to demonstrate how a proposal is relevant to a particular funder.  By training people in fundraising skills, we are giving them access to a diversity of funds, through which to achieve their goals.

Our courses cover all aspects of successful fundraising including

Track record


In response to growing demand  in this area, the TBA regularly delivers courses in fundraising skills. Fundraising was a key theme during a three year capacity building programme to raise the profile of environmental research in Africa funded by the European Union’s ACP Science and Technology Programme. Organisations were able to demonstrate an increase in their output of successful funding proposals as a result of this training.