Who is the course for?

Conservation scientists from tropical countries working in research and natural resource management who lack the skills to write and publish their results in appropriate scientific journals, and to be effective in communicating their results to non-specialist audiences.

What we cover

Through interactive teaching and practical exercises, participants learn how to write papers,  present data and select appropriate journals to publish their work. Sessions offer one-to-one advice for participants to improve their own manuscripts (which they bring with them to the course).

Modules which focus on communication skills teach how to give inspiring talks and how to write for non-specialist audiences. The course covers

Track record

More than 70 African scientists working in research and natural resource management for government and non-government organisations attended a series of workshops in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. Within two years, they had collectively published 87 papers and a further 20 manuscripts had been submitted.

The training was funded by the EU’s ACP Science and Technology Programme.


It was an excellent forum for me to learn how to write and publish. The many fears I  had about writing have been addressed and my communication skills have been greatly enhanced.

Scientific Writing Skills workshop participant Kenya

The skills acquired in this workshop will help me to submit my research findings to reputable journals and communicate to a wider audience. This is an excellent job that must be continuted in order to build the future generation for science.

Workshop participant, Nigeria