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Cyclanthus bipartitus



Cyclanthus bipartitus Poit.


Native habitat, Central America cultivated in USA
Native habitat, Central America
Credit: J Vandermeer
The plant cultivated in USA
Credit: Agri-starts Inc

Common names: No information available.

Synonyms: Cyclanthus plumieri Poit., Cyclanthus bifolius Perr., Cyclanthus cristatus Klotzsch., Discanthus odoratus Spruce.

Life form: Herb



Dispersal: Usually spread by root division.

Reproduction: Plants are obligatory xenogamous and are pollinated by Cyclocephala spp. (Scarabaeidae). Staminate and pistillate flowers are situated in alternate cycles.

Herbivores: Occasionally scales and mealybugs.

Resistant stages: No information available.



Native habitat: Herb layer of rainforest

Habitat occupied in invaded range: No information available.

Habitat requirements:

Altitude No information available.
Light Requires shade.
Temperature No information available.
Annual rainfall No information available.
Soil Plenty of moisture.



Native to Central and South America, Caribbean Islands.

Introduced range: Introduced but not invasive in Hawaii. Introduced but not considered invasive in Tanzania and USA.



Ecosystem: No information available.

Health, social and economic: No information available.



Mechanical: No information available.

Chemical: No information available.

Biological: No information available.



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Clay, H.F., Hubbard, J.C., Golt, R., 1977. The Hawaii Garden. The University Press of Hawaii.

Last updated October 2006

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