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Bambusa arundinacea



Bumbusa arundinacea Willd.



native habitat in Thailand Introduced into Europe
The bamboo in its native habitat in Thailand
Credit: Tanbara
Introduced into Europe
Credit: exotic-plants.com.ua

Common names: thorny bamboo, bans, bamboo

Synonyms: Bambusa bambos Druce

Life form: bamboo



Dispersal: Spreads vegetatively by rhizomes, and occasionally via seed dispersal. Spread by humans for use as an ornamental.

Reproduction: No information available.

Herbivores: No information available.

Resistant stages: No information available.



Native habitat: Riparian habitats

Habitat occupied in invaded range: No information available.

Habitat requirements:

Altitude Up to 1000 metres above sea level.
Light No information available.
Temperature Annual mean temperature of 18 to 29 degrees Celsius.
Annual rainfall Between 600 and 4000 mm.
Soil Soil pH of 4.3 to 7.3.



Native to Southeast Asia

Introduced range: Introduced in Tanzania. Similar species belonging to the Bambusa genera are invasive in Fiji, Cook Islands and Tonga. Introduced in Europe.



Ecosystem: No information available.

Health, social and economic: No information available.



Mechanical: Continual cutting or mowing will eventually kill plants.

Chemical: Cut and spray regrowth with Amitrole 2% or Velpar, although Velpar is persistent in the soil. Glyphosate may be effective, although it has been reported to not translocate to the rhizomes.

Biological: No information available.



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Last updated October 2006

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