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Acer oblongum



Acer oblongum Wall.



Young tree in native habitat in Japan Acer oblongum tree in California
Young tree in native habitat, Japan
Credit: Hajime Hayashida
Acer oblongum tree in California
Credit: W. Mark and J. Reimer, Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute

Common names: Flying moth maple, Chinese maple, evergreen maple.

Synonyms: No information available.

Life form: Tree.



Dispersal: Winged seeds are wind dispersed. Introduced by humans as an ornamental plant and for its wood.

Reproduction: Produces hermaphrodite flowers and winged seeds.

Herbivores: Aphids.

Resistant stages: No information available.



Native habitat: Moist forests, riparian zones.

Habitat occupied in invaded range: No information available.

Habitat requirements:

Altitude Between 600 and 3000 metres.
Light Partial to full shade.
Temperature No information available.
Annual rainfall No information available.
Soil Highly acidic to slightly alkaline, lime-free soils. Moderate moisture.



Native to eastern and southeastern Asia

Introduced range: Introduced but not considered invasive in USA and Tanzania.



Ecosystem: No information available.

Health, social and economic: No information available.



Mechanical: No information available.

Chemical: No information available.

Biological: No information available.



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Last updated October 2006.

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