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This bulletin is designed to provide you with a one-stop shop for your career development needs by posting the most recent news, opportunities and announcements as they come in. In particular, it focuses on information ranging from available scholarships to details of conservation and biology- related jobs that may suit your qualifications. It supplements the TBA Funding database which details numerous funding sources for your project or research work. Alumni who wish to update their details with the TBA can fill in the updates form and send it to

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TBA deadlines and events

2014 TBA Small Grants for alumni groups: Call for applications

Applications for grants are invited from members of TBA alumni groups who have identified priority projects they wish to carry out. Projects must be designed to solve a specific conservation or research problem and show impact. Click here for more details.

Closing date: 30th May 2014 (concepts); 30th July 2014 (Full Proposals).

Tropical Conservation and Ecology Field Skills, Mauritius: 6th - 15th Oct 2014

Applications are invited for this field-based training course designed specifically for graduate students looking to gain their first foot-hold in a wildlife conservation career. Click here for more details.

Closing date: Unspecified

2014 TBA Courses:

Applications for the 2014 TBA field courses are now closed. Below is the courses schedule:

  • 27 June – 27 July 2014: TBA 14/1; Kibale Forest, Uganda
  • 6 August – 5 September 2014: TBA 14/2; Amani Nature Reserve, Tanzania
  • 14 November – 14 December 2014: TBA 14/3; Kirindy Forest, Madagascar

More information on the TBA courses is available here.

TBA Newsletter- The latest newsletter is available here.

Short Courses

NFP Short Courses Scholarships

The Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education (NUFFIC) offers the opportunity to apply for scholarships for various training courses. See details of available courses and fellowships.

Applications closed

The Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST) Short courses

Programme will provide two types of training courses at various European research facilities and universities: "Modern Taxonomy theoretical course programme" and "Expert-in-training programme 2012-2013". For more information, visit DEST website.

Closing date: Various

WFI International Fellowship Program

Applications are invited from young forestry and forest products professionals with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in the field of forestry, natural resources, or related areas. Partial scholarships are available.Find more details here.

Closing date: Applications are accepted all year round

The Coastal Academy, Madagascar

Applications are invited for the two courses offered: Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management; and Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring Methods. Visit website for more information and to apply.

Closing Date: Unspecified

Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS-) Global Scholarship Program

Partial grants are available for scholars to attend 2 Conservation GIS conferences, Esri and SCGIS, and join in a very tight-knit community of comrades in specialized 2-week training courses before these conferences. Download application form. More details here.

Applications closed

Graduate/ Professional courses: Smithsonian- Mason Global Conservation Studies Programme, USA

A few EFN fellowships are available for undergraduates, graduates or professionals to participate in a variety of training and capacity building programs, specifically targeting individuals and institutions from developing countries and underserved communities. See courses list. For more information, visit website.

Closing dates: Various

Monitoring and Communicating Biodiversity 20th– 30th August 2014

Applications are invited for the 7th Darwin Scholarship Programme from young scientists around the world, working for a non-governmental organisation, government department or in a Biology or Ecology faculty at University. Details.

Applications closed

Managing Natural Resources Course 2014: African Centre for Peace and Security Training (ACPST)

Applications are invited from practitioners working on the monitoring of natural resource management and activism for the better management of natural resources from both the state and non-state sectors for the course to be held in Addis Ababa. Details.

Applications closed.

Ecology and Conservation of Migratory Birds 1st -12th September, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Applications are invited for this new intensive two-week course that teaches the most current methods in the research of migratory birds including mist-netting, banding, tissue sampling, stable isotope geochemistry, geolocators and radio telemetry, mark-recapture statistics and applied conservation strategies. Details.

Applications closed.

Netherlands Fellowship Programme for short courses

Applications are invited for these masters and PhD short courses from professionals living in NFP countries in various fields of study at Dutch Universities and institutions leading to masters and PhD. For more details click here.

Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program (SA-YSSP)

This is a three-month program for talented young researchers to work with scientists from South Africa and IIASA in the fields of energy and climate systems, ecosystems and water among others. Details.

Closing date: 3rd August 2014

Governance of landscapes, forests and people short course: Wageningen UR centre for Development Innovation

Applications are invited for this course from professional participants with several years working experience in natural resources management, forestry, agriculture, rural development, rural livelihoods, and sustainable development. The course aims at providing knowledge on integrative perspective in forest and nature management. Details.

Closing Date: 4th August 2014

Ecosystem approach to fisheries short course: 22 Sep 2014 - 10th Oct 2014, Wageningen UR centre for Development Innovation

Applications are invited from staff from both government and NGO working in fisheries management, research, higher education, training and fisheries development for this short course. Details.

Closing date: 11th August 2014

Wageningen UR Center for Development Innovation

The professional short courses help build the capacities of individuals and organizations in subject areas related to agriculture, genetic resources, pest management, water management, climate change, natural disasters. Details.

Closing date: 7th October 2014

Conferences, Workshops and Symposium

49th Annual GSSA Congress 20th – 25th July 2014

The Congress is now calling for abstracts and registration and this year's theme is Advancing Rangeland Ecology and Pasture Management in Africa. Details.

Closing date: unspecified.

Community Based Adaptation and Resilience in East and Southern Africa Drylands Conference 1st – 4th September, 2014 Addis Ababa

The conference aims at bringing together stakeholders from diverse range of disciplines working with dryland communities so as to facilitate learning from experiences and evidence on climate change adaptation, in particular CBA, and resilience. Details.

Applications closed

16th Annual BIOECON Conference on “Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability 21st-23rd September 2014

Call for papers is on for this conference that focuses on takes a broad interest in the area of resource management, development and conservation. For more details click here.

Applications closed

Student Conference on Conservation Science – Bangalore 25th - 28th September 2014

Students and early stage researchers working in conservation are invited to be part of the four day programme that provides an opportunity to make new contacts in their own and related disciplines through presentations, exhibitions and social events. For more information on how to participate click here.

Applications closed

African Mountains Regional Forum 22nd - 24th October 2014, Arusha, Tanzania

Participants from African government institutions, academia, civil society and private sector are invited to submit abstracts for the forum. More details.

Closing date: 30th July 2014

UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development Youth Conference 7th November 2014 Okayama City, Japan

Youth leaders from around the world with success stories and innovative initiatives are invited to this conference where they will be able to exchange ideas and experience with peers and will be involved in developing recommendations for the World Conference. Details.

Applications closed..

African Congress on Conservation Capacity, February 2015

ERT Conservation is an independent group of conservation scientists, working at local, national and international scales undertaking a broad spectrum of ecological research to guide and evaluate conservation action and supporting organizations in building their capacity through training and education initiatives. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

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Cross-cutting News

Climate change

Birdlife Africa Climate Exchange- website about climate change and its impacts on biodiversity in Africa.

Royal Forestry Society- has commissioned a series of 9 free to download, one-page Climate Change Fact Sheets about trees and the role they play in modifying the global climate as part of the celebration of the 2011 United Nations' International Year of Forests.

Conservation Blogs

Wildlife Direct- News and information on saving endangered animals in Africa, Asia and South America.

Convention on Biological Diversity- Useful headline news, current information and events concerning Biological diversity.

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Scientific resources

Open access online journals

The following journals provide free online papers as well as some opportunities for you to publish peer reviewed work.

Eldis- Provides free access to a wide range of climate change research and policy resources among a large collection of editorially-selected and summarised full-text, online documents from over 7500 publishers.

NeoBiota- offers numerous innovative ways to publish and disseminate information on processes of biological invasions and consequences of alien species.

African Journal of Plant Science- Publishes peer-reviewed high-quality solicited and unsolicited articles, in all areas of plant science research.

Aluka- A digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa affiliated with JSTOR. Offered free to non profit institutions and individuals in Africa.

Applied Ecology and Environmental Research Journal- Reviews and publishes original research papers and articles of international interest.

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society- Provides some free to download articles on plant science

Cambodian Journal of Natural History- Free to download journal, publishes original work on all aspects of Cambodian natural history

Darwin Initiative Newletter-June 2014

International Journal of Zoology- Provides a rapid forum for the dissemination of original research articles as well as original review articles in all areas of zoology.

Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment- Published monthly by Academic Journals.

Journal of Horticulture and Forestry- Provides access and rapid monthly publication of articles in all areas of the subject.

Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology- Publishes high quality peer reviewed articles in English, in all areas of the subject.

Koedoe- Promotes and contributes to the scientific and environmental conservation practices of Africa, by publishing content defining the key practices that will ensure biological diversity in Africa.

The Journal of Medicinal Plant Research- Provides rapid monthly publication of articles in all areas of research in Medicinal Plants.

Madagascar Conservation & Development Journal- Published by the Madagascar Wildlife Conservation and the Jane Goodall Institute, the journal covers work from the Madagascar region.

Open Biology- Publishes original, high quality research in cell and developmental biology, molecular and structural biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, immunology, microbiology and genetics.

Oryx- The International Journal of Conservation- Provides links to free software tools for analysis and writing, guidance on submitting an article for the peer review, and ways in which readers in developing countries can access the journal for free.

Public Library of Science- Provides free access journal articles.

The Royal Society Publishing- Most downloaded and cited articles and; Digital Journal Archive that dates back to 1665 and contains over 60,000 articles are free to access

Science Journal Publications- Publishes all areas of scientific research. Submission of manuscripts are welcome via E-mail attachment

Scopus- Contains a large abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. It is sold at an annual subscription fee to institutions.

Society for Conservation Biology- SCB publishes Conservation Biology, Conservation in Practice and Biological Conservation journals with free access for members in developing countries.

Standard Scientific Research and Essays- A multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published monthly and dedicated to increasing the depth of the subject across disciplines.

Journal of pollination ecology- Provides a forum to disseminate new ideas, novel research and manuscripts.

Open Conservation Biology Journal- Publishes original research articles, letters and review articles in all areas of conservation biology and biodiversity.

Open Ecology Journal- publishes original research articles, letters and review articles in all areas of conservation biology and biodiversity.

Directory of Open Access Journals- Lists different Journals by subject areas. provides a free federated search of national and international scientific databases, portals and other open access materials.

African Journals OnLine (AJOL)- A collection of peer-reviewed, African-published scholarly journals.

INASP – Provides both open access and subscription-based journals indexed by country to registered users.

Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA)- Provides institutional access to numerous international journals in agriculture, fisheries and related biological and environmental sciences.

Online Access to Research in Environment (OARE)- Provides institutional access to multiple scientific journals in a wide range of disciplines e.g. environmental toxicology and pollution, zoology, botany and ecology.

Online books/ publications

'Climate-Smart' Agriculture Policies, Practices and Financing for Food Security, Adaptation and Mitigation- A publication of FAO is a resource of importance to those in the Climate field.

Conservation Biology for All- A free to download book edited by Dr. Navjot Sodhi of the National University of Singapore, published by Oxford University Press. Contains chapters with cutting-edge conservation knowledge written by the top names in conservation biology.

Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation- Contains a systematic review on the use of development as a conservation tool.

GOFC-GOLD REDD sourcebook- Contains methods and procedures for monitoring, measuring and reporting on REDD

Gratis books scheme- Provides free ecology and conservation books to individuals

Research registries and ideas

Conservation Maven- Contains new conservation studies, spotlights new books and field news.

The Encyclopedia of the Earth- A free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society.

INFOWETLAND- A bulletin published in Spanish and English every three months for those interested in wetlands subject. One of the world's most popular environmental science and conservation news sites. Has up to the minute conservation articles.

Species Red lists

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species- Updated annually

National Red Lists- A new focal point for national red lists and action plans. This worldwide red list is not part of the IUCN Red List of threatened species

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Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

Australia Awards Fellowships 2014

Applications are invited for these Fellowships that aim to develop leadership, address priority regional development issues, and build partnerships and links between Australian organisations and their partner organisations in developing countries. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

Graduate research opportunities in climate change: World Agroforestry Cenre

Applications are invited from graduate research students in the following areas: Vulnerability assessment; Climate risk reduction through agroforestry; Climate governance and finance; GHG flux measurement and modeling; Mitigation potentials; and Remote sensing of poverty indicators (PhD). Details here.

Closing date: Unspecified

Georg Forster Research Fellowship (HERMES) for Postdoctoral Researchers

Applications are invited for these fellowship opportunities from researchers from developing countries that allow you to carry out a long-term research project (6−24 months) at a research institution in Germany. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

Swedish Institute Masters Scholarships

Full scholarships are available to qualified applicants to study at a Swedish university. For a list of available SI scholarships, visit website.

Closing date: Same as application deadline for programme applied for.

Global Development Awards and Medals Competition

Applications are invited for these annual awards to recognize excellence in policy-oriented research, supports research capacity development of researchers in developing countries and funds innovative social development projects benefiting marginalized groups in the developing world. Details.

Closing date: Various

World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Fellowships

Applications are invited for these PhD and postdoctoral fellowships in various fields. For more information on how to apply click here.

Closing date: Varies with the programme

LEAD Fellowship Programme

Programme aims to equip outstanding leaders from around the world with skills for sustainable decision making through world class training and by offering a worldwide network of peers as resources to help address sustainability challenges at local, regional, and global levels. More details here.

Closing date: Unspecified

National Centre for Future Forest Industries (NCFFI) PhD Projects and Scholarships

High quality international applicants are invited to apply for scholarships for various exciting projects. For more information click here.

Closing date: Unspecified

50th Anniversary Research Scholarships: University of Kent

Candidates with a good honours or a master's degree in relevant subjects are invited to apply for the 100 doctoral scholarships to be awarded annually from 2012. Successful candidates must demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding research potential. For more information visit website. For enquiries contact the Scholarships Unit.

Graduate Scholarships: Australian National University

Scholarships focus on Masters level studies in the areas of Environmental Management and Development and Climate Change. Click here for more information.

Women’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowships: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply through one of ICRAF's five Regional Coordinators or six Global Research Project Leaders identified in the application form. Applications can also be made via email:

Applications are considered throughout the year.

PhD position (pollination) at the University of Calgary, Canada

Applications are invited for this PhD position from applicants with a master’s degree (involving a research component) in ecology, entomology or a related discipline, or with related post-BSc experience for a funded PhD position in pollination Biology and pollinator management in canola crop systems. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

VLIR-UOS Scholarships for Developing Countries

Applications for scholarships are invited from students of developing countries who are interested in following training and master’s programme in Belgium. For more details click here.

Closing date: 1st February ; 30th November (Training about the Great Lakes)

NTNU PhD Fellowships in Natural Sciences and Technology, Norway

Available PhD and Post doc positions are awarded on a competitive basis. The fellowships are open to applicants in all areas of research covered by the faculty. Further information is available at Website.

International Tropical Forestry MSc Scholarships, Germany

Applications are invited for an MSc programme that aims to export German expertise on effective and sustainable forest management, to communicate with international institutions, and to train international students. For more information click here.

Closing date: 15th March; 15th December

World Scholars Program: University of Sydney

Up to 20 highly competitive, full tuition fee scholarships are available for international students to undertake PhD in any discipline. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of research potential and academic merit. More details here.

Closing dates: 31st July; 31st December each year

University of West England Masters scholarships

Applications are invited for various masters scholarships being offered at the University of West England for international students. Details.

Closing date: Various

PhD Position in Marine Ecology, University Stockholm, Sweden

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences University of Stockholm is inviting applications for the position based within a dynamic and active group working on current topics in aquatic ecology. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

PhD Scholarships in Animal Breeding and Genetics

The European Graduate School in Animal Breeding and Genetics (EGS-ABG) is offering a European programme shaped to train animal breeders to meet the challenges presented by the increasing demand of food while reducing the impacts on environment and biodiversity. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

Aberystwyth University Post Graduate Scholarships

Various Masters and PhD scholarship opportunities are available for international students in biological sciences. For more information click here.

Closing date: Various

Central European University Graduate Scholarships in Environmental Sciences and Policy, 2015-2016

International students are invited to apply for pursuing masters’ and doctoral programmes that aim to develop innovative solutions for environmental and environment-related problems. For more details click here.

Closing date: unspecified

King’s College London MSc Water Governance and Science

Applications are invited for this one year taught programme that provides a unique opportunity to engage in both social and environmental science perspectives on water. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified.

Commonwealth Scholarships in low and middle income countries

The scholarships are offered at masters level of studies in various fields of study. For more information on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 31st May 2014, 31st July 2014

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Scholarships

The programs integrate education and research to prepare graduate students to be innovators, creative scientists and critical thinkers and are offered for various courses. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

Rhodes University MSc/PhD Opportunities in Freshwater Crab Phylogeography, Ecophysiology and Parasitology

MSc and PhD opportunities are available to applicants with a postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline with an interest in fresh water crabs and should be self-motivated, driven and outcomes-orientated. For more information click here.

Closing date: Unspecified

Student Research Scholarships, Bats Conservation International

This program supports university students in research initiatives that will contribute the new knowledge that is essential to conserving bats and the ecosystems they serve worldwide. Details.

Closing date: 25th July 2014

Graça Machel Scholarships for Women

Female candidates from SADC countries studying or applying to study at a South African university are invited to appy for these scholarships offered for various fields of study. Details.

Closing date: 28th July 2014

TWAS-CNPq Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Young scientists from developing countries wishing to pursue research towards a PhD or postdoctoral research in natural sciences are invited to send their applications. Postgraduate fellowship or postdoctoral fellowship.

Closing date: 28th July 2014

DAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries

Students from developing countries wishing to pursue development-related postgraduate courses in the areas of Agricultural and Forest Sciences and Environmental Sciences are invited to send their applications. For more information click here.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

University of East Anglia 2014 Scholarships

A range of postgraduate scholarships are available for various fields of study including biological sciences and environmental sciences. For more information on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

University of Portsmouth Scholarships

Nigerian and Ghanian nationals are invited to apply for these scholarships who have applied for various full-time taught Master's postgraduate degrees including MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management. For more details click here.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program 2014

Mid career professionals in the fields of Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change are invited to apply for this ten months programme of non-degree academic study and related professional experiences. Details.

Closing date: Varies with countries

John Allwright Fellowship

Applications are invited for this scheme whose aim is to enhance research capacity in Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) partner country institutions. For more information click here.

Closing date: July

Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD)

Applications are invited for these fellowships for young female students from Sub-Saharan African countries and/or LDCs, to enable them to pursue postgraduate studies in natural sciences leading to PhD degrees. Details.

Closing date: July

World Bank, Robert S. McNamara Fellowships

The Program annually awards Fellowships for various fields of study including environment and is open to young researchers preparing their doctoral thesis and currently working in an academic or research institution. Details.

Closing date: July

Freezailah Fellowships, Second Cycle

Applications are invited for this programme that promotes human resource development, and strengthens professional expertise in tropical forestry and related disciplines through participation in international conferences, training courses, and study tours. For more information click here.

Closing date: August

Indigenous and Traditional Peoples Conservation Fellowship

Applications are invited from East Africans for this programme that seeks to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. For more information click here.

Closing date: August

Keizo Obuchi Fellowships

The government of Japan is offering 20 post-graduate fellowships to candidates from developing countries, to undertake research on specified topics including environment with emphasis on water sciences, water issues and climate change. Details.

Closing date: August

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships

Top-class researchers from Third Countries are welcome to work on projects in Europe so as to develop research cooperation between Europe and other parts of the world. For more details on how to apply click here.

Closing date: August

ARPPIS PhD fellowships

Applications are invited for these doctoral research fellowships aimed at preparing young scholars from Africa for regional leadership roles and internationally competitive research careers in arthropod-related sciences. Details.

Closing date: 1st August 2014

International Masters Scholarships 2015 International Water Center

Full and partial scholarships are available to students who wish to become future water leaders. For more details click here.

Closing date: 1st August 2014

Max-Planck Odense Center PhD Opportunity

Candidates with masters degree in biological sciences, ecology, or related field are invited to apply for this opportunity that will enable them work on plant population biology, life history, and the demography of aging. Details.

Closing date: 1st August 2014

New Zealand Aid Program Scholarships

Applications are invited for postgraduate programmes in agriculture and renewable energy. For more information on the scholarship click here.

Closing date: 1st August 2014

UNESCO-IHE Masters Programme, 2014

Applications are invited for the Joint Masters Degree programme from mid-career professionals with a background in biological or environmental sciences with a special interest in: aquatic ecology, limnology, wetland ecosystems, or aquatic resources management. Details.

Closing date: 1st August 2014

University of Copenhagen PhD Scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology, Denmark 2014

The position is available for a 3-year period for applicants holding a relevant masters degree or for a 4-year period for applicants who are already enrolled or are accepted to be enrolled at one of the Faculty’s masters programmes. For details on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 4th August 2014

AWARD Fellowships 2015

Applications are invited for this two-year career-development program focused on fostering mentoring partnerships, building science skills, and developing leadership capacity. Details.

Closing date: 8th August 2014

Beit Trust Scholarships for Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian Students, 2015

The scholarships are for masters or PhD studies and are taken in UK, Ireland or South Africa in the subject of individual’s choice and should be appropriate to the needs of the beneficial area. For more information on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 15th August 2014

Doctoral Research Fellowship in Evolutionary Genomics/Behavioural Ecology, Norway 2014

Candidates with broad interests in evolution, behavioral ecology and evolutionary genomics are invited to apply for the four year fellowship that is part of a larger research program on “Sperm-pathogen interactions and the evolution of ejaculate antimicrobial defenses in passerine birds”. Details.

Closing date: 15th August, 2014

Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) Postgraduate Fellowships in Natural Sciences

This fellowship programme is for female students from Sub-Saharan Africa or Least Developed Countries (LDCs) who wish to pursue postgraduate training leading to a doctorate degree at a centre of excellence in the South outside their own country. Details.

Closing date: 15th August 2014

PhD Fellowships in Science for Women from Developing Countries

Women are invited to apply for a PhD programme or for an MSc converting to a PhD programme which can be studied as full-time three year fellowship or a sandwich. Details.

Closing date: 15th August 2014

L’Oréal and UNESCO Fellowships for Women Scientists in Sub-Saharan Africa 2014

The program offers five fellowships of €5 thousand each to African Ph.D. students, and another five fellowships of €10 thousand each to African postdoctoral researchers. For more details click here.

Closing date: 21st August 2014

(JSPS) RONPAKU Dissertation Ph.D Programme 2015

Researchers in natural sciences fields wishing to pursue PhD degrees from Japanese universities are invited to enrol for this three year program. For more details click here.

Closing date: 21st August 2014

Australian National University Research Scholarships

International students who would like to pursue PhD or Professional Doctorate by Research are invited to apply for these three year fellowships. For more information click here.

Closing date: 31st August

John Dillon Fellowship for Young Agricultural Scientists

8-10 fellowships are available to provide career development opportunities for outstanding young agricultural scientists or economists from ACIAR partner countries who are involved in a current or recently completed ACIAR project. For more details click here.

Closing date: 31st August

Post-Doctoral position in Meteorology or Climatology, Gobabeb Research and Training Centre

The position is open for persons interested in meteorology or climatology and involves investigating all aspects of the occurrence of fog, a key component of the Namib ecosystem and its potential alteration with climate change. Details.

Closing date: 31st August 2014

Postgraduate Research Scholarships Adelaide Graduate Centre

Applications are invited from overseas students to pursue Higher Degree by Research (Masters/ Doctoral) in any course offered by the university. Details.

Closing date: 31st August 2014

Matsumae International Fellowships for Researchers in Japan, 2015

Applications are invited from PhD (Doctorate) degree holders for this program that will enable them conduct research in various fields including natural sciences for 3 months to 6 months. For more information on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 31st August 2014

Call for Applications to the 2015 Jeanne Sauve Public Leadership Program

Applications are invited for this two year fellowship program that brings together participants with backgrounds in advocacy, communications, education, governance, politics, social innovation and other fields related to public leadership. Details.

Closing date: 1st September 2014

2015 Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Research

The two-year programme aims to create opportunities for leading conservation biologists to strengthen their skills through applied research, training, peer networking, and field learning experiences; so as to build productive partnerships and contribute and communicate scientific knowledge to problems of critical importance in conservation. Details.

Closing date: 12th September 2014

TWAS- CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship for Developing Nations Scholars

Postdoctoral scientists from developing countries planning to pursue postdoctoral research in natural sciences are invited to send their applications. For more details click here.

Closing date: 15th September 2014

TWAS-ICIPE Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Applications are invited for this one year fellowship programme from young scientists from developing countries who wish to undertake their postdoctoral studies in Kenya in natural sciences. Details.

Closing date: 15th September

The Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture Scholarships 2014

Five principal and five additional scholarships are awarded for ten regular Training Programs in agricultural sciences. For more information click here.

Closing date: Various

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Applications are invited from young and mid-career professionals from designated countries to the United States for a year of non-degree graduate-level study, leadership development and professional collaboration with U.S. counterparts. For more information click here.

Closing date: 1st October

Netherlands Fellowship Programmes

The opportunities are for professionals in developing countries to pursue masters degrees, PhD studies, and short courses in sustainable energy; marine biology; water resources and environmental governance. For more information click here.

Closing date: 7th October 2014

VLIR-UOS Masters Scholarships 2014

The scholarships are awarded to African students to pursue studies that focus on specific problems of developing countries and/or are relevant to developing countries at a Flemish university or university college in Belgium. For more information click here.

Closing date: November 2014

PhD Research in Agricultural Development at European Universities, AGTRAIN 2015

Applications are invited for this fully integrated three-year Ph.D. Programme with focus on agricultural development. For more information click here.

Closing date: 1st November 2014

Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future fellowships 2014

Women from developing and emerging economies wishing to pursue PhDs or post-doctorate degrees at top universities abroad are invited to apply for this programme that aims to increase the number of women pursuing academic careers in scientific disciplines. Details.

Closing date: Applications open in September 2014

Norman E. Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program (Borlaug LEAP)

The fellowship is awarded to outstanding graduate students who show strong promise as leaders in the field of agriculture and related disciplines. Details.

Closing date: 2nd December 2014

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Jobs, volunteerships and internships

Program Officer, Climate Change & Land Use, Conservation and Science Program: Packard, USA

Graduates with a 5-10 year international experience in agriculture, biofuels, and climate mitigation are encouraged to apply for this position. For more information click here.

Closing date: Until a suitable applicant is found.

Postdoc in Biodiversity Conservation of Southern Africa Deserts: University of Porto, Portugal

Position seeks a candidate with a PhD in biology and a solid research background in the interface between phylogeography and conservation biology, particularly of Southern Africa deserts. Click here for more details.

Closing Date: Until a suitable candidate is found

Postdoctoral Fellow: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Tanzania

A qualified candidate with a PhD in Crop Agronomy or related disciplines is sought to help develop and oversee the adoption of sustainable crop management systems for rice cultivation in East and Southern Africa. More details here.

Closing date: Until position is filled

French-speaking consultant

Applications are invited by C4 EcoSolutions (Cape Town) for a French-speaking researcher, data analyst and report-writer. Qualified candidates are called upon to send their applications. For more information click here.

Closing date: Until the position is filled

Assistant Coordinator, Ecosystem Management: Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan

Position seeks a person with a university degree or an equivalent demonstrated knowledge in at least one subject related to environmentally sustainable development to assist in the implementation of the Abidjan Convention. Click here for more details.

Closing date: Until position is filled

Envirofit International, Managing Director Job

Envirofit is seeking a Managing Director to oversee and grow its operations, sales and business development within the East Africa region a position based in Nairobi. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

Senior Scientist, Forest Ecology and Forest Management: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Position will work primarily on the ecological basis of tropical forest management for the production of multiple goods and services at various spatial scales and will also generate new knowledge aimed at promoting conservation through sustainable use of forest resources and forest biodiversity. More details here.

Closing date: Unspecified

Senior Programme Officer (AD786), United Nations Environment Programme-World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

UNEP-WCMC are looking for a highly motivated and technically experienced Senior Programme Officer to join their Science programme. For more information click here.

Closing date: Unspecified

Internship opportunity: UNEP Major Groups and Stakeholders Branch, Nairobi

Applications are invited from currently enrolled university students, in a third or fourth year of under-graduate (BA/BSc.) or in a graduate (Masters) or post-graduate (PhD) programme, for 3-6 months. Click here for details.

Closing date: Unspecified

Community-based climate change and ecosystem services opportunity in Kenya

This is an exciting internship opportunity to lead a study of how the community is adapting and coping with climate change for conserving ecosystem services and give recommendations. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified.

Internships: Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

Offers exciting learning opportunities on a wide range of projects relating to conservation biology including current topics in conservation, research, communication skills and management and administration of conservation programs. More details here.

Project Manager, Lake Victoria Basin Project, BirdLife International

Position seeks an enthusiastic and experienced individual whose main responsibility will be to manage and coordinate the implementation of the project, build strategic alliances with stakeholders/institutions operating within the Basin and fundraise to scale up project interventions. Details.

Closing date: 21st July 2014

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (NZG)

The organization is looking for well-qualified, experienced, hard-working, enthusiastic and motivated persons to be appointed as researchers and postdoctoral fellows. Details.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

Centre for International Forestry Research Vacancies

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for various exciting opportunities to work with an international organization. For more details on how to apply click here.

Closing date: Various

Research Assistant in entomology and analysis of food samples of bats project, Kenya

The study which will involve trapping bats in and around Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and will provide an opportunity for the MSc. student to sample bats for external parasites. Details.

Closing date: Unspecified

World Bank Junior Professionals Program 2014

This is a two-year employment opportunity, for highly qualified people of Sub-Saharan African descent who wish to develop a career with world’s leading international development organization. For more information click here.

Closing date: October

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Grants and Project funding

Civil Society Responsive Grants: Commonwealth Foundation

Grants are designed to promote international or intercultural exchange, co-operation and sharing of skills, knowledge and ideas between people from developing Commonwealth countries. Grants are given for participation in activities such as training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, cultural festivals, exchanges and study visits. View website for more details.

Closing dates: 30th March, 30th June, 30th September, 31st December

Education For Nature’s Professional Development Grants (PDGs)

Mid-career conservationists are called upon to apply for these grants to pursue short-term, non-degree training to upgrade their knowledge and skills through short courses, workshops, symposiums, conferences (if presenting), and professional exchanges. Details.

Closing date: Applications accepted through out the year

Sir Ernest Cassel Educational Trust (Mountbatten Memorial Grants)

Financial support is provided to final year students from overseas Commonwealth countries who have encountered unforeseen financial difficulties whether at postgraduate or professional qualification level. Maximum amount awarded is £500. Details.

Applications accepted throughout the year

Grants for arboriculture and urban forestry: Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund

Grant programme provides support for research and technology transfer projects on root and soil management, plant health care, risk assessment and worker safety, propagation, planting and establishment and urban forestry. See details here.

ANSTI Conference Grants

A maximum of $2,500 are awarded to academic staff of African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI) member institutions to attend international meetings where they will present papers. For more details visit website.

Applications are received on a continuous basis

Young Scientists for Rainforests awards: the Conservation Foundation

Grants of about £1,000 are available for ethno-medical and ethno-botanical research in rainforests anywhere in the world. For more details visit website.

Applications accepted throughout the year.

Panthera Grants

Panthera is inviting applications for Kaplan Graduate Awards , Jaguar Research Grants , Small Cat Action Fund that support promising field conservationist and cultivate a new generation of practitioners dedicated to wild cat conservation.

Closing date: Various

The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) Grants

SOSF is offering a series of Grants dedicated to research, conservation and/or education projects worldwide whose areas of focus should be charismatic marine megafauna, and particularly Sharks, Rays and Skates. See details here.

Closing date: Various

Food and Business Applied Research Fund

Grants are available to public or private organizations for applied research contributing to food security in the partner countries of Dutch international cooperation. Click here for details.

Closing dates: 18th September 2013; 15th January 2014; 15th April 2014

Wildlife Without Borders Conservation Fund: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Grants are available for applied research, training, conservation management, community outreach, law enforcement, decreased human-wildlife conflicts, and other activities for the conservation of selected wildlife species. To apply, see more details here.

Closing date: Various

Safari Club International Foundation Small Grants 2013

Grants are available for carrying out wildlife conservation and research in Africa, Asia, and North America. Click here for more details.

Closing date: All year round

Australia-Africa Community Grants 2011-2012

Funding is open to NGOs for community-based projects that promote sustainable economic and social development. Thematic areas include agriculture and food security, environmental awareness, and conservation of natural resources. Click here for details.

Applications accepted throughout the year

Rapid Response Facility small grants

Applications are invited for rapid support to UNESCO designated natural World Heritage Sites, and tentative sites facing emergency threats to their biodiversity. For application details visit the RRF website.

Applications received on a rolling-basis

UK Natural Environment Research Council

Proposals are invited for this major new research programme on Unlocking the Potential for Groundwater for the Poor in sub-Saharan Africa funded by DFID, NERC and in principle ESRC. For more details click here.

Closing date: Unspecified

UK Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

CEPR through its joint research initiative Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL). PEDL is calling for proposals which address cross-cutting issues such as climate, environment, and social compliance. Click here for more details.

Closing date: Various

Young Explorers Grants Program for Young Scientists: National Geographic

Are available for individuals ages 18 to 25 to help them fund projects in the fields of science, conservation and environmental studies. For information on how to apply, visit website.

Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation (RSGs)

RSG's generally support projects of about a year's duration and are available to individuals and small groups yearly. Applications from non-first world areas are strongly encouraged. Further details.

Applications can be made at any time of the year

Funding Opportunities for Small Scale Initiatives: French GEF

Programme is designed to support civil society organisations in Africa which are actively working on biodiversity protection and climate change action to undertake field projects in West and Central Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique. See more details here.

Closing date: Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Horizon 2020 Project Funding

Project proposals are invited from various countries that promise more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market. For more details on how to apply click here.

Closing date: Unspecified

World Wildlife Fund U.S. Grants for Conservation Workshops

WWF is inviting applications from organizations for these grants that support training workshops that aim to build capacity of communities, stakeholders, park guards, and others on local and regional conservation issues in selected African countries. For more details click here.

Closing date: 1st December 2013; 1st February 2014

British Ecological Society Research Grants and Outreach Grants 2014.

These grants support scientific ecological research where there are limited alternative sources of funding as well as promoting ecological science to a wide audience. For more details click research grants or outreach grants.

Closing date: 3rd March 2014; 8th September 2014

TWAS Grants for Scientific Meetings held in Developing Countries

The grants are offered for the organization of high level international and regional scientific activities including: conferences, workshops, symposia and special meetings in the fields of natural sciences. Details.

Closing date: 1st June 2014, 1st December 2014

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Grants of up to US$25 thousand are offered to individuals, communities, and organizations for the conservation of animal, plant, and fungi species worldwide. For more information on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 30th June 2014; 30th October 2014

Society of Environmental Journalists Grants

Journalists working independently or for a for-profit or non-profit news organization worldwide are eligible to apply for the funds for Environmental Journalism that help underwrite environmental reporting projects and entrepreneurial ventures. For more details on how to apply click here.

Closing date: 15th July; 15th September

Community Conservancy Initiative in Kenya Grants, Department of State International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affair

The grants are for NGOs and other nonprofit organizations; national or provincial park boards and other parastatal entities; and educational institutions and will aid in deterring organized transnational wildlife crimes and trafficking. Details.

Closing date: 25th July 2014

Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Non-governmental organisations are invited to submit proposals for these grants that aim to build the resilience of people to extreme climate events in sub-Saharan Africa. For more information click here.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

Club 300 Bird Protection Grants

Grants of upto US $5000 are offered for research and conservation of the world's highly threatened and poorly known bird species (IUCN's Red List). For more details click here.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

European Outdoor Conservation Association Grants for Conservation Projects

Non profit organizations are invited to apply for grants for implementing conservation projects on threatened species or habitats. Details.

Closing date: 31st July 2014

Japan Water Forum Fund

Applications are invited from grass-roots organizations in developing countries involved in resolving water and sanitation problems for grants of upto US$ 1000. For more details click here.

Closing date: August

WWF Conservation Workshop Grants

Applications are invited from organizations for funds to train communities, stakeholders, park guards, and others on local and regional conservation issues through training workshops with a strong hands-on learning component. Details.

Closing date: 1st August 2014

IDRC Research Awards 2015

This one-year paid program will enable participants receive hands-on experience in research management, grant administration, and the creation, dissemination, and use of knowledge from an international perspective. Details.

Closing date: 6th August 2014

British Ecological Society Ecologists in Africa Grants

This grant provides support for ecologists in Africa to carry out innovative ecological research to develop their skills, experience and knowledge base as well as making connections with ecologists in the developed world. Details.

Closing date: 8th September 2014

Jack Kimmel International Grant Program

Researchers in arboriculture and urban forestry from all over the world with one to three year projects are invited to apply for these grants. For more click here.

Closing date: 1st October 2014

African Bird Club Fund

The programme supports small to medium sized conservation projects through conservation fund and large and ambitious projects through expedition awards. For more information click here.

Closing date: 31st October 2014

Chester Zoo Conservation and Research Grants

The scheme supports small conservation projects including species monitoring, habitat protection, training and education, to conserve threatened species worldwide. For more information click here.

Closing date: 31st October 2014

First Peoples Worldwide Keepers of the Earth Fund

The fund support locally-initiated development projects in Indigenous communities around the world and they range from US$500 to US$20,000. For more information click here.

Closing date: 31st October 2014

African Union, Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Awards 2014

The award honors outstanding African scientists in the fields of agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, and energy innovation at the continental level. For more information click here.

Closing date: 15th November 2014

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Grants

Grants ranging from US$5 thousand to US$25 thousand are available for wildlife conservation, research, and education. Details.

Closing date: 1st December 2014

Waterloo Foundation Environment Fund

The fund supports projects to manage and conserve tropical forests and marine resources and applications are invited from UK charities in partnerships with local organizations in the developing world, and from non-UK organizations that can provide suitable references in the UK. Details.

Closing date: 1st December 2014

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Other useful links to conservation news and opportunities

The TBA funding database has information on funding and grant opportunities. Useful website for finding job vacancies, scholarships and funding opportunities in Africa include:

The European Tropical Forest Research Network

The Primate Info website

The African Conservation Foundation

Advance Africa- Website with a wide range of jobs, undergraduate, Masters and PhD scholarship opportunities

Birdlife African Partnership quarterly Newsletter- Posts news and opportunities on conservation.

Earthworks- Contains a listing of conservation and biology related jobs and scholarships

Global Taxonomy Initiative- Contains links to funding and opportunities for taxonomic and biodiversity-related activities.

Science in Africa- An online magazine that offers information on research grant opportunities in science research.

Acknowledgement of Contributors

Some of the opportunities posted were sent in by: Evariste Rutebuka, Charles kilawe, John Abraham, Josephine Nzilani Kith, Henintsoa Rabemananjara, George Eshiamwata, Akwany Leonard, Patience Mayaki, T. Thenya, Carolyn Gibson and Simon Akwetaireho.

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