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TBA MSc scholarships

Funded through a consortium of TBA funders, The TBA Postgraduate Scholarships are annually offered by the Tropical Biology Association to its African alumni. They are intended to help African alumni undertake postgraduate studies after they have attended TBA courses, as part of the TBA alumni follow up support programme designed to promote human resource development and strengthen professional expertise among African biologists in biodiversity conservation and research.


We have currently suspended the TBA MSc scholarships but will consider offering them again in future. However we have expanded our Small Grants Programme which will continue to offer project funds annually to African TBA alumni. If you are seeking for project grants, please visit website to learn more about these Small Grants.


For more information about the TBA Postgraduate Scholarship, please send your inquiries to:

The TBA Postgraduate Scholarship
c/o Nature Kenya
P O Box 44486
Tel: +254 (0) 20 353 7568/ +254 (0) 771 343 138/ +254 (0) 739 200 216/7


Email:TBA Project Manager (

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TBA current and past Masters scholarship holders

The number of TBA Scholars grew to 34 alumni with 1 more awarded in 2011. The beneficiaries join a growing number of Africa experts that the TBA is helping build. Below are some updates.

2003 Masters scholarship holder, Amis Mao Angua, won the Society for Conservation Biology 2007 Student Award for his paper and talk on "Do freshwater and terrestrial priorities overlap in conservation assessments?". Amis graduated with a PhD from the University of Cape Town in 2009 and joined WWF South Africa’s Integrated Catchment Management Programme as the Program Manager. Mao currently works as an Engagement Manager at Pegasys Strategy & Development, South Africa.
Student studying a chameleon

Kowiyou Yessoufou, 2003 TBA MSc scholarship holder, is also the coordinator of the Benin alumni group, is currently doing his PhD studies at the University of Johannebsurg. His research project is centred on Community phylogenetics of southern African flora. He previously presented his Masters thesis work in a regional seminar at Bamako. Click here to view his presentation as a pdf.

The 2005 master's scholarship holder, Mwema Martin Musangu, finished his Masters in 2007 with 1st class Honours from Cape Town University. Click here to download the pdf of the poster that he presented at the Society for Conservation Biology 2007 conference in South Africa. Martin has since gone on to pursue and complete a 2nd Msc on GIS and Environmental modelling at the Universities of Twente and Lund. He is currently doing seabird and shorebird research. He attended the 2012 SCCS at Cambridge and presented a poster.

2006 Masters scholarship holder, Josia Razafindramanana, is currently a Doctoral Researcher at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford UK and Coordinator of the Crowned Sifaka Projects, in collaboration with the Aspinall Foundation in Madagascar. In recognition of her valuable conservation work in Madagascar, Josia won a £30,000 Whitley (WFN) Award in 2012 “for bringing sustainable benefits to local people while also protecting newly-discovered populations of endangered crowned sifaka lemurs”. When we congratulated her on this great achievement, she said, “Thank you. It all started from the TBA course I attended in Kirindy forest!!”

2008 Masters scholarship holder, Caleb Ofori writes, "My pioneering long-term amphibian research in Ghana has resulted in the discovery of two new species to science (one of them through TBA funding). Interestingly, this is the only time in history a native (Ghanaian) is leading amphibian research in Ghana. Thanks to the TBA experience!"

Another 2008 TBA scholar, Deo Tuyisingize, is now back in Rwanda and is heading the biodiversity program at Karisoke Research Center after completing his MSc in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town. His thesis was on small terrestrial mammal community composition in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

Mary Warui, the other 2008 Scholarship awardee has since graduated with a Masters in Environmental Sciences. Her thesis was titled "Current status, Utilization, Succession and Zonation of Mangroves along Mida Creek, Coast province, Kenya". Mary currently works as a programme associate (environment/natural resource specialist) under a programme that engages non state actors in natural resource management at Act! Kenya. Mary says, "I thank TBA for all the support they gave me. The TBA courses and trainings that I attended prepared me for my studies while the MSc scholarship enhanced me to complete my studies. The knowledge and skills that I gained have made me who I am today."

For a chance to view more detailed, exciting profiles as well as to send in your personal profile, please visit the TBA Achievers page

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African Education for Leaders in Conservation (AELC) Masters scholarship

TBA is very proud to see that our European alumni united and took the initiative to set up a scholarship fund. The scholarship was set up by the European participants from the TBA course in Tanzania 2003 to raise money to for one of their fellow African participants to complete a Masters course.

AELC donors

"We set this fund up to contribute to conservation on the long term, by enabling an African to pursue their education to a level necessary to make a significant contribution to their country's development. We believed that with an MSc degree, this person would stand a better chance to be involved in conservation projects or in decision-making processes concerning conservation of natural resources in their country." Nick van de Wiel, AELC coordinator.

Towards the end of 2005, the award was given to Simon Musila who used the award to enrol for an MSc in Environmental Studies specialising in Community Development at Kenyatta University, Kenya in September 2006. He said "I have deliberately chosen the area of study since today it has become common knowledge that we cannot preserve biodiversity...the challenge to conserve biological resources we have is to strive to invent better and appropriate ways to protect the invaluable assets of our country." In 2010, Simon graduated with a Masters degree. Click to view that news.

For more information on the AELC scholarship and how you could set up a scholarship programme for one of your fellow TBA course mates, please don't hesitate to email us.

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