Tanzania (TBA course 17/1)

26 June - 27 July 2017 20 February 2017

Lying in the north-eastern part of Tanzania, the Usambara Mountains form part of the Eastern Afromontane global biodiversity hotspot, with very high levels of plant and vertebrate endemism. The course at Amani Nature Reserve is especially suited to those interested in community conservation initiatives, aquatic ecology, invasive plants and herpetology.

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Borneo (TBA course 17/2)

2 - 30 October 2017 20 February 2017

The TBA course is held at the Danum Valley Field Centre in the Danum Valley Conservation Area, Southeast Sabah. Covering 438 sq km, this is one of the most important and best-protected expanses of pristine lowland forest remaining in Southeast Asia, supporting a tremendous variety of plants and a full range of Sabah’s lowland fauna.

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