The TBA Council

The Tropical Biology Association is both a company limited by guarantee (with no share capital) and a registered charity.

Our Council, made up of senior biologists from top universities in Europe, serve as directors of the company and trustees of the charity. Together, they ensure that the TBA is effective in doing what it was set up to do, and is run in line with Charity Commission regulations.

Company No. 05827864, incorporated 24.05.2006; Registered charity No. 1116111

TBA council a copy

Council members


  • Dr Christian Schulze, Department of Tropical Ecology and Animal Biodiversity,¬†University of Vienna


  • Dr Patrick Duncan,¬† Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chiz√©, Institut Ecologie et Environnement


  • Professor Nicola Marples, Department of Zoology, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College, Dublin
  • Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington, Plant Ecology Research Unit (PERU), Botany & Plant Science, School of Natural Sciences, NUI Galway

The Netherlands

  • Dr Kate Lessells, Netherlands Institute of Ecology

  • Professor Herbert Prins, Professor in Resource Ecology, Wageningen University


  • Dr Ryszard Laskowski, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University


  • Professor Thomas Elmqvist, Professor in Natural Resource Management, Stockholm Resilience Centre, University of Stockholm

United Kingdom

  • Professor Paul Brakefield FRS, Professor of Zoology, Director University Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Tim Clutton-Brock FRS, Director of Research and formerly Prince Philip Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Cambridge (Honorary)
  • Dr Sandra Knapp, Head of Life Sciences Plants Division, Natural History Museum
  • Dr Robert Jehle, Senior Lecturer Programme Leader, BSc Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology BSc Wildlife and Practical Conservation, University of Salford
  • Dr Iain Matthews, Senior Teaching Fellow & Pro-Dean for the Faculty of Science, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Lisa Thomas
  • Dr Rosie Trevelyan, Director, Tropical Biology Association


  • Professor Steve Stearns, Yale University (Honorary)