Citizen scientists in Africa

African citizen scientists will be sharing results of their projects at a Zoom webinar in mid-April, organised by the Tropical Biology Association.

Please join the event on Monday 19th April, at 12 pm BST. Register here:

Managers of citizen science projects will get together online to talk about the importance of citizen science in Africa and to discuss how their projects can help conservation. Participants will share their experiences of involving local communities in data collection and using technology and bespoke apps. They will also consider how to use citizen science data to influence policy and management.

CISCA training

Collecting data through an app

The Tropical Biology Association has been training conservationists in Africa for over 25 years. TBA led a pioneering training programme called Citizen Science for Conservation in Africa (CISCA) in collaboration with British Trust for Ornithology, Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge, National Museums of Kenya and the Kenya Bird Map Committee. The programme’s two workshops trained 26 citizen science managers from 16 institutions in Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda and Kenya. The workshops used case studies, practicals and interactive talks to provide training that is relevant to the participants’ projects and that filled specific skills gaps they told us about beforehand. The training makes a real difference on the ground. One participant reported, “The fishermen … were collecting sea turtles eggs for food but since [involving them] in my citizen science project, they’ve become ambassadors of the conservation of the threatened sea turtles.”

CISCA was funded by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Collaborative Fund.