Inspiring the next generation

From school lessons under a mango tree in a Ugandan village, to running the African Centre for a Green Economy, Mao Angua Amis has come a long way from humble beginnings. A year after his TBA field course in Amani, Tanzania in 2002, Mao won a TBA scholarship to do an MSc at the University of Cape Town. This launched his career as a freshwater ecologist, and inspired him to complete a PhD  also from the University of Cape Town.

In 2008, African Conservation Telegraph (Vol 3(1)) recognised him as an upcoming conservation leader in Africa.

Today, he is founder and Executive Director of AFRICEGE, a non-profit company based in South Africa. Mao says that his role at AFRICEGE is his way of giving back and planting the same seed that TBA nurtured for his own career. The goal of AFRICEGE is to inspire a generation of change makers, believing that young people should be at the forefront of the continent’s development agenda. Over the next 3 years AFRICEGE will help at least 50 social entrepreneurs to establish viable green economy businesses; empowering young people and supporting the transition to a green and inclusive economy in east and southern Africa.

Mao says that attending his TBA field course in Amani came just at the right time to change his career direction. 

There is no doubt that receiving the scholarship to attend the TBA training was a major tipping point in my career. All my other career achievements are secondary to the opportunity given to me by TBA.