Raising protégés

Faith Milkah Muniale is Programmes Coordinator at ERMIS (Environmental Research Mapping and Information Systems in Africa) in Kenya. Her career took off following a TBA field course in Kibale in 2004.

“TBA gave me an experience that shaped my career, enhancing my leadership and research capacity as well as raising my visibility among peers and seniors. Today, I am raising protégés of my own.

Since my TBA course I have been training communities on basic conservation skills.

In  2013 I was awarded a fellowship by African Women in Agricultural Research and Development, and TBA helped me to find the right mentor for the programme.

TBA has always been there for me, to support my career. Because of this, I received the prestigious Kinship fellowship 2014 on Environmental Leadership.  As I continue to grow I will be glad to give back and continue building the TBA legacy. I thank TBA for its commitment to raising a new generation of conservationists who are becoming a force globally.